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Industry Compliance

Hyosung Q&A
Hyosung retail ATMs have been updated to support a more secure method of transferring encryption keys from the host processor to the ATM as required by PCI (Payment Card Industry). The new standard TR 31 (“key blocks”) will be mandated by PCI for the transfer of keys to ATMs starting?January 1, 2025

Please download theHyosung Keypad Matrix
and refer to the table to determine the readiness of your ATMs to support the TR-31 Key Block Standard.

Are all ATMs required to support this mandate?
All ATMs will be mandated to support the required EPP version and related ATM software for the TR-31 key block standard. Hyosung released EPP version X1 in 2020 to meet this requirement...New ATMs purchased from Hyosung since May of 2021 came with the required EPP hardware to meet the TR-31 standard, though you will need to ensure the correct SW is running on your ATMs.

Which retail Hyosung ATMs can be upgraded to support TR-31?
Hyosung ATM models running WINCE version 6.03.00 can support the TR-31 required EPP hardware upgrade. Hyosung ATMs running older WINCE versions cannot support the TR-31 required upgrades. Please refer to the upgrade matrix above for additional details.

When is that deadline again?
PCI is requiring that ATM support will end by January 1, 2025, your ATM’s host processor will address the actual date when the non-TR-31 key transfer method will no longer be available. Please connect with your host processor to determine end of non-TR-31 key transfer methods.

Will my ATM actually ‘go dark’?
The answer is ‘Yes’. If your ATM or ATM EPP and SW has not be upgraded to support the TR-31 key block requirements, then your host processor will stop accepting transactions from those non-compliant ATMs.

How can I get ahead of this potential issue?
You can upgrade your ATMs ‘now’! Hyosung EPP X1 has been supported since January 2020 and the TR-31 software updates will be available by January 1, 2023. Hyosung encourages you to plan and forecast your upgrade plans now versus waiting until a likely rush closer to the January 2025 date.

Which retail Hyosung ATMs can be upgraded to support TR-31?
To achieve PCI TR-31 compliance, all your ATMs will need a Hyosung X1 keypad (EPP), operating WinCE 6.03.000, and the TR-31 software upgrades which will be available beginning January 1, 2023.

Are there any additional benefits to upgrading my ATMs now versus waiting until just before January 1, 2025?
In addition to avoiding fears of your ATMs going dark or not meeting the January 2025 deadline, upgrading your ATMs to the latest WinCE version of can provide additional security protections including protection against jackpotting attacks.

*Info courtesy of Hyosung

Genmega Keypads

Which Genmega keypads are TR-31 compliant?
  • If your ATM has an EPP-B1 or EPP-B2 keypad - you will have to replace the keypad to support TR-31 compliance.
  • Both EPP-B3 and EPP-B5 keypad are TR-31 compliant, so if your ATM has either of these keypads, you are good to go.
  • We started shipping EPP-B3 in April of 2014 - so systems sold before that time will be require upgrading.
  • For most customers – you will need to replace the B1 or B2 keypad and bracket - and assuming you use a B5 keypad as the replacement, V05.00.37 software or higher will be required to support the B5.
  • The only machine that will cause problems is the early C4000 with ACU1 mainboards.
  • Those can only support up to EPP-B3, however we don't sell B3 keypads any longer. So they would need to replace the motherboard with something newer.
  • Please note*** All ATMs will require a software update at some point before TR-31 actually goes live.
*Info courtesy of Hyosung