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Hyosung 2000 CDU - Advanced Exchange

Hyosung 2000 CDU - Advanced Exchange

By selecting the Advanced Exchange Service, I agree to return the defective part (core) using the supplied box, packaging, and return label within 10 business days. If I fail to return the part, or the part is deemed unrepairable, I agree to be automatically billed the core fee of $200 for dispensers and $50 for cassettes plus all shipping & handling charges both directions.

Product Code: NH1800SEDISP2K-AE


2K Note Front Load Dispenser without Cassette for Hyosung ATM Machine

Part #: 7010000193

HALO II, MX2800SE, MX5200SE, NH1800SE, MX5000SE, NH2700CE, NH2600, NH2600S, NH9030